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    If you think our famous Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes
    are rich in flavor…..

    Take time to learn about our rich heritage and appreciate the history of Dutch Country. Like most businesses that started from humble beginnings, ours is no different. We hope that you enjoy this historical view of the restaurant you’ve come to enjoy. Our past has a key role in what we are today and tomorrow.

    The Beginning:

    In the 1930s, Dutch Country was the original site of The 40 Mile Weigh Station & Parr’s Livery Stable on York Street. The beginning was only a house and a barn. Around 1940, the owners (Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds) tore down these buildings and moved their diner, Reynolds’s Diner, from York Street to our current location of 946 Baltimore Street. The Reynolds’s operated the diner for several years. During this time, a house in the rear of the diner along Black Rock Road was constructed. Additionally, a kitchen, dining room and banquet room were added. You may have enjoyed a meal in either one of these rooms.

    The 1950’s & ‘60s:

    As the 1950’s progressed, so did our restaurant. They Reynolds’s family leased the diner to various entrepreneurs. One of these entrepreneurs was the Marshall family. Woodrow Bowin leased the property in the 1960s and renamed the location to Parkville Diner. The operation continued until the restaurant was closed in 1970.


    While our country was dealing with the challenges of Vietnam and the Civil Rights movements, the restaurant stood empty for 1 ½ years until Mr. Jack Prout leased the diner from the Reynolds’s in December of 1971. Mr. Prout operated the diner until October of 1972. After which, Garry and Ruby Bentzel took over. They leased the restaurant for eight years. In that time, they renamed the diner to Dutch Country Restaurant.

    1980’s to Today:

    In 1980, the Bentzel’s bought the property from the Reynolds’s family. More changes were on the way for the property. A new banquet room was built above the restaurant on the first floor. An extensive remodeling effort took place starting in 1991. Over fifty years had passed and an upgrade would definitely appeal to local and distant patrons alike. Everything was removed except the banquet rooms; upstairs and downstairs. Like any business, it is a challenge to remodel and stay open at the same time. To upgrade the structure while maintaining a happy clientele, Mr. Bentzel built a temporary kitchen alongside the restaurant and connected the two buildings. The business was in operation this way for three years. Another building was constructed that now is current structure of Dutch Country Restaurant. The new structure took three years to complete. The Bentzel’s operated the restaurant for thirty three years. In 2005, the Bentzel’s sold Dutch Country to Albert and Bonnie Margilttelo. In 2009, Jodi & Joe Shipley purchased the restaurant.

    The Future:

    As we progress into the 21st century, we at Dutch Country value and appreciate the efforts of the previous owners before us. Most importantly, we value you; our customer! From morning breakfasts, holiday parties, wedding receptions, or just the quick cup of coffee and fellowship with friends and family, we appreciate your business. Our community is based on strong values. Our commitment to you is equally important. We appreciate your business yesterday. We are glad you are here today. And we look forward to serving you in the future. Dutch Country started in a humble setting based on offering a place where family and friends could have fellowship over a nice meal. We strive to meet and exceed that goal every day! We are happy to be a part of this rich heritage. Because of you, we are here. And for that we say thank you and hope that you have enjoyed learning about the history and heritage of Dutch Country Restaurant.

    With Warm Regards,
    Jodi, Joe, Cindy and Staff

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